Plastic cards, CD’s, Memory cards, Tapes, Hard Drives, Gaming consoles and hard drives, phones, monitors, printers and cartridges and more!


Below are a few reasons why we need to reduce the amount of e-waste:

Many electronics contain toxic materials including lead, zinc, nickel, barium, chromium and many types of flame retardants. With lead in particular, it can lead to damage of the human body – blood, kidneys, central nervous system and more.

E-waste, when left in the hot Australian sun, heats up and releases damaging, toxic chemicals into the air and damaging the atmosphere where we reside! This is one of the biggest impacts to the environment!

When left to landfills, E-Waste toxins seep into the groundwater, and pollute drinking water, rivers and oceans. This is a major issue in developing countries where a lot of the e-waste is sent.

Approximately 23 million Australians have unused mobile phones sitting in storage at home!  Even though some get ”passed on”, there is still a high percentage sitting around dust gathering.  This is 23 million products just waiting to be recycled and reused! This alone is approximately 10 tonnes of copper and 300kgs of silver, just in unused mobiles across the country, according to University of Adelaide professor, Derek Abbott. And this was in 2017! Imagine how much it is now!

What can we do?

Our team of excellent drivers will come and collect your dust gathering electronics to bring back to us. We will strip and securely destroy any form of memory or hard drive, and send out the reusable parts to the appropriate companies so they can be repurposed into new and wonderful e-goods!

WE DO NOT ON-SELL PARTS. All e-waste is completely destroyed and then recycled after.

But how does it affect you?

Well, other than the space saving and health protecting reasons mentioned above, it also makes sure that your private information is securely destroyed. Individuals who don’t securely destroy their e-waste are open to security threats, identity theft, private photos and videos being found, financial information and more all being found and used!