Electronic Waste

Start Protecting Your Data, When you use our electronic waste services your information is safely and securely destroyed

Destroying your electronic waste in a secure way is key to maintaining the safety of the information contained within them.

Often People believe that when deleting their files they are completely erased from the device, this is not entirely true, there are several programs in the market that allow recovery of deleted files.
When you use Eshred services, you are guaranteed the information on your devices is completely destroyed.

If you want to keep your e-waste destruction costs to a bare minimum, We have drop-off facilities conveniently located at 5/33 Phillips Rd KOGARAH 2217. Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Please note that we have strict onsite OS&H requirements so it is important to report to the site reception on arrival and be sure you are wearing enclosed shoes. 

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Our Guarantees


No Contracts, No Hidden Prices

You call us and book your e-waste service, as simple as that!

Fees may apply


All e-waste for disposal is destroyed completely and then the materials are recycled with high security clearance to ensure confidentiality from the time they leave your site until they go through the process of secure destruction.

Environmentally Friendly

Our e-waste destruction services comply with environment-friendly standards.

Eshred does not on-sell parts. We recycle materials after they are destroyed.


Servicing all Australian capital cities,
up to 25km from CBD - fees may apply