Can I trust my paper shredder


Understandably, the topic of document destruction has the potential to raise the shackles of any employer who has been the victim of a security breach.

Just this week, it emerged that a graduate member of the Department of Defence published a top secret document on a file-sharing website before snapping the disk in half and disposing of it in a household bin.

Authorities were alerted when it emerged that two pages from a highly sensitive document intended only for our country’s allies, were uploaded for public viewing.

Despite a thorough investigation of the 2012 incident, it remains unclear as to whether the breach has caused measurable damage to Australia’s national security. Additionally, court documents reported that ‘if a foreign intelligence service and/or others obtained access to the information…it is reasonable to assume that they would keep such access secret.’

Whilst this most recent breach cannot be attributed to poor paper shredding, the lesson remains the same in that only a select few executive employees should be entrusted with sensitive documentation. The Defence document was created for ‘5 eyes only’, yet unauthorised access led to our country’s security being placed in unpredictable jeopardy.

Trust becomes the most pertinent issue when opting for a paper shredding solution; both within your organisation and in the company who will be conducting your shredding services.

At Eshred, we recommend devising a clear company policy that allows for regular updates and revisions when needed. When your employees are informed, they will be empowered to work towards change. They must be aware of the documents to shred and how to identify them quickly and easily to avoid the accidental destruction of essential information, as well as how to methodically store any information that is to be archived for future reference.

Additionally, up-skill a select number of executive staff on how they can support the organisation and its employees to reduce any document or data breaches. Assigning a team or team member the responsibility of collecting documents to be shredded can streamline the process and ensure its success.

Finally, it is essential to place your trust in your chosen shredding company. Acquaint yourself with their website, consider how they dispose of the paper waste (for security as well as environmental factors), read testimonials and get in contact regarding any questions that may be unanswered. At Eshred, we take the secure destruction of your documents seriously and provide all clients with a Certificate of Destruction, guaranteeing that the work has been carried out according to our legal and ethical guidelines.

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