Start protecting your information, when you use our E-waste Recycling Box, we protect what matters most.

You must consider many things when choosing your E-waste Removal Recycling Box. We follow industry standards, as well as provide you with security at all times.

EShred Offers box removal services throughout Australia.  Call us now it is easy, affordable and convenient.  

Details and Specifications of our E-Waste Recycling Archive Box

What sort of materials can be put inside?

We can handle it. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you may have. We follow industry standards for the disposal of this type of material inside the boxes: 

Electronic Devices / Data Tapes

If you have old/malfunctioning Hard Disk, Flash Drivers or other electronic devices, that only require physical destruction and you don’t need a bin, this is a good option.

Cameras, Films.

Mobile Phones, Phones, Tables

Hard Disk, Flash Drives, External Drives

Laptops, Screens,  Keyboards

X-Rays / Plastic Cards

We offer secure destruction and environmentally service for all X-ray films, and Plastic cards are collected and recycled wherever possible.

X-Rays, Microfilm

Plastic Cards

Identity Cards

Clothes / Uniforms / Fabrics

All ID Badges, Uniform items/apparel, branded merchandise and recognisable equipment should be secured and then destroyed professionally.





We pick up your archive boxes. It's easy, comfortable and affordable.


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All our services come with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.


We arrive on the scheduled date to remove your materials.

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Protect Confidential Information with E-Waste Archive Box Removal & Destruction Services

Confidential and secure e waste destruction is a vital obligation of any business that deals with confidential information.  

We destroy an electronic waste to protect sensitive material, which could fall into the wrong hands and be used to negatively affect you or your customers.

Overflowing filing cabinets, storage boxes, and cupboards represent a very real risk to you and your business. EShred archive boxes service helps you remove the risk. 

This is where we listen closely to you and tailor our services for your needs. 

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