X Ray disposal Recycling

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E-Shred offers x ray recycling and disposal and service for unwanted x-rays and developer and fixer from hospitals, medical, chiropractors, dentist and veterinary facilities.

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X Ray Disposal Recycling

Only $295 p/bin + GST


$100 p/archive box + GST

Fees apply to metro and regional areas.

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Why is it important X Ray disposal Recycling?

X-ray films contain silver in the form of halides, which are extracted and converted into pure silver.

Developer and fixer can be collected in 15-litre containers which will be screened and filtered to recover precious metals. The remaining liquid component is then processed through a licensed facility.

For the safety of your staff and customers, these fluids must not be mixed and we provide separate containers that are clearly labelled to ensure correct segregation.

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