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Electronic destruction Sydney. 

We know how important it is to dispose of your old electronics properly and we want you to be able to do so in a secure and environmentally responsible way, with the peace of mind and cost-effectiveness your business needs.

Dispose of your old devices could be the difference between success and failure for your business.

It’s not just the disposal process that makes you vulnerable when it comes to used electronics. Even if your company erases, reformats or wipes them before reselling or disposing of them, personal information could still be retrieved by hackers who get their hands on these devices.

About 78% – of hard drives that are reused, resold or refurbished still contain personal or confidential information, despite being erased.

Electronics waste

Why choose our Electronic Destruction Services in Sydney?

We are committed to securing the destruction of your data, ensuring that you can rest assured that everything has been taken care of from start to finish.

  • Scheduled Collection one-off service
  • All our vehicles are tracked
  • A certificate of destruction is provided after each service

By shredding obsolete uniforms and clothing, the company can protect its brand from imposters.

Keep your brand image safe by responsibly disposing of old uniforms and clothing. Shredding outdated items ensures that no one can pose as an imposter, preventing potential harm to your company’s reputation.

electronic destruction Sydney / Hard Drive Destruction Sydney / e Waste drop-off Sydney

Computers, CPUs and Hard drives are the most common storage medium for businesses, but many don't realize that old hard drive disposal is necessary.
If you're still using an outdated computer or have been running low on space recently then it might be time to make this change so as not to leave your company vulnerable by storing sensitive information outside of secure environments

How it Works

Order online or call us 1300 629 875 , once you have placed your order we will contact you to confirm delivery date 

Drivers collect the Bins and transport to our secure destruction centre. For your convenience, all our vehicles have GPS tracking.  

You e waste bin will be transported to our secure facilities to be securely destroyed.

Once the Electronics are shredded it is recycled, contributing to the circular economy.

Interested in our Electronic Destruction Services in Sydney?

Get rid of your e waste the eco-friendly way

Storing old electronic equipment for a long time and throwing it away could make it worse and start to degrade, which can cause pollution, and as a result, problems in the environment. Here’s what you should know before you disposing of any electronics.  

What is E-Waste

It is electrical or electronic equipment that has been discarded at end-of-life. This includes items that are working or damaged, and they are thrown away in a landfill. Consequently, it is especially very dangerous, and as a result, the toxic chemicals affect our environment.

What kind of devices or materials are colected?

Currently, we are asking about what kind of device can be recycling o destroyed. 

The following list helps you to clarify:

    • Cameras & Photographic equipment.
    • Hard Drives.
    • Business Imaging equipment.
    • Portable devices eg. Two-way radios, pagers, MP3 players
    • Modems, Game consoles
    • Storage media eg. tapes, discs, CDs, DVDs,  memory sticks
    • LCD/FLAT/CRT Monitors
    • Copiers, Printers, Scanners, Fax machines
    • Laptops/Computers/Desktop/Tower Servers
    • Mobile phones, desk landlines and phone accessories
    • CDs and DVD Players.
    • Computer equipment and accessories e.g. cables, Keyboards, mouses, webcams.

How do you dispose e waste?

Most electronic devices contain toxic materials that include beryllium, cadmium, mercury, and lead.
Indeed, choose a better plan to dispose of and recycling these materials has considerable benefits to our environment.

Learn more.
6 Ways to safely dispose of electronic waste


Ewaste Brisbane sustainability

electronic destruction Sydney / Hard Drive Destruction Sydney / e Waste drop-off Sydney

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