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Only Physical destruction of your devices guarantees your information is safe.

E-shred to help you with your e-waste. We pick up your e-waste, physically destroy it, and then recycle it.

If it is Secure, it's E-shred.

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Secure Destruction Services with Electronic waste Bin:

The destruction of hard disks and other storage media makes access to information impossible, preventing data breaches and exposure to information leakage. 

If you are required or need to destroy electronic material containing sensitive and confidential information, to avoid breaches and fines for not disposing of it securely, and which also poses a risk of exposure..

Eshred offers total secure destruction with E-waste Bin services.

Why you need Eshred Electronic Waste Bin Services

  • Capacity

    240Lt capacity Electronic waste secure bin.

  • Comfortable

    We make it more comfortable for you. We provide Secure destruction services to businesses throughout Australia wide.

  • Accredited Drivers

    Our drivers and staff are police checked and covid-19 vaccinated

  • Collection

    We arrive on the scheduled date.

  • Certificate of destruction

    All services come with a Certificate of Destruction that can satisfy regulatory requirements for your records.

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How it Works

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Order online or call us 1300 629 875 , once you have placed your order we will contact you to confirm delivery date 


Drivers collect the Bins and transport to our secure destruction centre. For your convenience, all our vehicles have GPS tracking.  


Your e-waste will be transported to our secure facilities to be securely destroyed.


All non-recoverable by-product materials are recycled.

Protect Confidential Information with Electronic Waste Bin Services

Confidential and secure e waste destruction is a vital obligation of any business that deals with confidential information.

We destroy electronic waste to protect sensitive material, which could fall into the wrong hands and be used to negatively affect you or your customers. 

This is where we listen closely to you and tailor our services for your needs.   

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Preventive Security Measures for E-Waste.

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