Electronic Waste Recycling

Why is Recycling your E-waste Important?

Australians are among the highest electronic consumers worldwide, we produce more than 650,000 tones of e-waste per year. As we acquire new devices, we accumulate e-waste that usually ends up in landfill, this has become an environmental concern as electronic waste contains hazardous chemicals which, when exposed to the elements, heat up releasing toxins into the air, into the soil, and local waterways.

Electronic waste Recycling is so important because you help our country environment by decreasing your foot-print, more over recycling your e-waste can significantly decrease the demand for mining heavy metals and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing virgin materials. 

Electronic Waste Recycling

We have a variety of services that we can offer for your e waste needs

Here at an e-waste recycling company, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service when it comes to disposing of your old electronics. That’s why we offer a secure destruction process that ensures all of your data is permanently wiped from the devices before they are recycled. We also work hard to keep our prices as low as possible so you can rest assured that your bottom line won’t take a hit when you choose us for e-waste disposal. Have questions about our services? Contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

The Electronic Waste Recycling affordable solution

Electronic waste recycling is the process of recovering valuable materials from electronic devices and components. E-waste recycling is important not only for the environment but also for businesses and individuals who can benefit from the recovered materials.

E-SHRED offers electronic recycling and secure electronic disposal services that are affordable and eco-friendly. We recycle all types of electronic devices, including computers, tablets, phones, and more. We also offer data destruction services to ensure that your confidential information is properly destroyed.

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Why recycle my e waste with EShred?

E-waste can be very harmful to the environment, as it contains hazardous chemicals which can leach into the soil and water when exposed to the elements. Recycling your e-waste is one of the best ways to help protect our planet.

Many electronic waste recycling facilities around Australia can recycle your e-waste safely and responsibly. By recycling your e-waste, you can help to reduce the number of hazardous chemicals being released into the environment, and you can also help to conserve our precious natural resources.

So why recycle your e-waste? It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for our planet. Do your part to help make a difference – recycle your e-waste today!

E-shred is a secure destruction company, we not only take care of your e-waste but we do it in a securely way. What does that mean?

While other companies can take care of your e-waste they do not guarantee the safety of your data. Most electronic waste contains personal information that can be used to commit criminal activities. Data breaches and identity theft are dangerous and can lead to money losses.

Eshred guarantees a secure destruction process that is followed by e waste recycling, when you choose us, you can be at peace.

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