Electronic Media Destruction Services.

Avoid risks by properly destroying your electronic devices.

Are you planning to refurbish and replace all or part of your company’s devices such as computers, phones and others and don’t know what to do with the old devices or how to safely destroy and recycle them?
Eshred offers you the best way to recycle and destroy safely, ensuring proper and environmentally friendly disposal. 

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Data Destruction - EShred offers a reliable and cost-effective price for your convenience.

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Devices are completely destroyed and the materials are recycled with high-security clearance.


Experience the convenience of Media Destruction service. We take the mess, and the risk, away from your business.

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All our services come with a Certificate of Electronic Media Destruction for your records.

Electronic Media Destruction

Electronic Media Destruction Services

EShred can provide data destruction service, in a reliable, professional, and cost-effective manner.

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E-Waste has been increasing dramatically in recent years, and Australia is one of the top 10 countries producing the most e-waste in the world with 0.7 MT / 21.3 Kg per capita

Currently, computers or laptops that have reached the end of their life or damaged are simply thrown away in normal council bins, and only 9% is documented to be collected and properly recycled. This could potentially negatively impact the environment and lead to resource loss.

Our concern for the environment is to help you to dispose of and recycle these materials safe, secure and properly.  

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