Where CVs go to die…


Those in search for a job have it tough. Not only do they spend hours trawling the net for the perfect position, stitch up an application addressing endless criteria and then submit it to a faceless board who they’d envisage would scrutinise every little detail-but they are met with the anxiety of what happens to their CV after the fact.

Admittedly, it is a cut throat world. Job ads receive countless replies and it is does not make logistical (or fiscal!) sense to send submitted CVs back to applicants. Besides, there is the very real possibility that businesses keep a hold of the best should a similar position arise in the near future.

But what about those who never even made the top of the pile? The hundreds of pages filled with personal details such as addresses, previous places of employment, sensitive information regarding projects completed. Where does it all end up and who is to blame if it ends up in the wrong hands?

When a board or panel meets to discuss the suitability of applicants, they are privy to highly sensitive information that should remain confidential. For most of us though, we are well aware that CVs have been known to end up in the hands of those vying for a promotion. Applications wind up sounding eerily similar to each other and office politics inevitably come into play. If you value the privacy of your employees and they personal details, implement a workplace policy whereby unwanted CVs and applications are regularly destroyed.

At EShred, we can guarantee that documents like CVs are shredded and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner to minimise the risk of privacy breaches. We offer reasonable prices to shred your unwanted paper documents that will put you and your employees’ (present and future!) minds at ease.

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