Document Shredding and the Environment


There are many very good reasons for your business to convert to environmentally

sustainable practices. Apart from solid ethical and economical concerns, it enables you to

take advantage of the increasing market of customers who are looking for eco-friendly


In our last blog post  we discussed how Eshred builds recycling into its paper document destruction services.

Following a comprehensive cross-shredding document process (so any sensitive information

is destroyed), the tiny fragments are sent to our approved recycling partners and turned

into new paper products.

To be confident when your customers ask about your sustainability efforts, it is important to

understand exactly how the environment benefits from the shredding and recycling of


Diverting shredded documents from landfill.

Sending paper to landfill is a waste of increasingly valuable space. Landfill should be kept

for those materials that can’t be re-used, recycled or composted.

Keeping trees in the ground

We understand now just how important our forests are to both the health of our planet,

and to our own enjoyment and heritage. Recycling paper significantly reduces the numbers

of trees that are cut down to meet our need for paper.

Decreasing the environmental damage caused by paper production

Cutting down trees, transporting them to mills and then converting them into paper uses a

great deal of non-renewable fuel and chemicals. This of course is bad news for the

environment, and for air quality, not to mention being a very costly exercise.

Creating more environmentally friendly products

When we think of recycled paper products, things like copy paper, toilet paper, tissues and

kitchen towels usually come to mind. But how about paper chopping boards, paper

alternatives to Styrofoam and other packaging, kitty litter, and even vases, handbags and

costume jewellery made from recycled paper?


Any home gardener knows that paper is great for the compost heap. Shredded paper breaks

down very easily when mixed with other organic matter and quickly becomes rich compost

to add to soil and plants.

As a client of Eshred you can be confident that our service will add to the sustainability of

your own business practices and environmental principles.