Paperless office? Here’s why you still need a document destruction plan


Lately, we’ve had a few business contacts tell us with great confidence, “Oh, we don’t need a document destruction service – we’re a paperless office!” Their faces quickly fall however when we ask a few questions and they quickly realise that perhaps their office isn’t as paperless as they thought, and their business is exposed to significant security risks.

Are you really paperless?

Take a moment to stop and think about your business and how your employees go about their day. Say that all your forms are created and stored electronically, and that all documents are scanned and filed electronically. You’re probably sitting there thinking you’re doing a great job and no longer need to have massive filing cabinets taking up valuable and often expensive office floor space.

But – take a look around. Are your employees writing notes about clients on paper notebooks? Probably yes. How are those notebooks stored and destroyed? Can you be 100% confident that there isn’t any confidential data about your business or your customers in those hand-written notes? Probably not.

And what about forms that have been physically printed, signed, scanned and electronically filed? What’s the plan for the destruction of those original documents? Right now, you’re probably starting to think that reviewing your processes for the handling, storage and destruction of paperwork isn’t such a pointless idea.

Secure document destruction – hassle free

We can make it easy with our pre-paid security bin service. Our flexible service is available for one-off pick ups, or a recurring pick up on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. We guarantee complete destruction with the utmost levels of security at every step in the process. We’ll also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for every service so you can have complete peace of mind.

As document disposal experts, we can provide a service that suits any business, regardless of the size and volume of paperwork. To find out more about how we can help you to securely destroy and dispose of documents or to book a bin, call us today on 1300 629 875.