Secure Document Shredding Service


Here at EShred we are proud of the many benefits that using our secure document shredding service can bring to your business.  Using our service you will also be improving your environmental sustainability credentials, and helping to prevent the spread of identity crime in the community.


At only $63 pre-paid per bin our secure document shredding service is extremely affordable.  You need to order a minimum of 2 bins for 2 weeks to get this terrific price, but you won’t find any cheaper than that!


You can choose a secured document shredding service to suit you.  We have monthly, fortnightly and weekly scheduled services, or you can book a one-off service for a minimum of 2 bins for 2 weeks at our great price of $63 per bin.


The theft of valuable information is becoming a real problem in the community with the recent increase in identity crime. Regular shredding of your sensitive documents is a vital step to protect your sensitive business information. EShred handles document destruction promptly through our secure document shredding services and certified document destruction. We guarantee complete records destruction, and we deliver and pick up the secure bins ensuring no important documents get into the wrong hands.

Environmentally Friendly

Document shredding is good for the planet!  Eshred builds recycling into our paper document destruction services, diverting paper from landfill, keeping trees in the ground and decreasing the environmental damage caused by paper production.  It’s also good for your business to be able to promote your own environmental credentials.

With so many great reasons to use our secure document shredding service why wait? Book today!  Call 1300 629 875.