Types of Document Shredding Services

Nowadays, the need for secure document disposal and document shredding services is more intense because serious trouble may happen if you will not be strict in handling documents that contain sensitive information. Identity theft and unwarranted use of company data can bring major problems and it is a relief to know that eliminating such troubles can be done through professional document shredding.

Document shredding is a process that turns documents into particles called “chad” to make sure that sensitive information will not be available for unwarranted use. There are three ways to deal with document shredding and these include the following:

On-Site Shredding – This document shredding service offers the highest level of security because materials to be destroyed do not leave the client’s property. Document shredding is usually done using an automated process so one gets into contact with the documents that need to be destroyed.

Off-Site Shredding – This is a cheaper but less secure document shredding process as it requires transport of documents and papers may be sorted for recycling therefore increasing the chance for some information to be exposed to others. Off-site shredding is most appropriate for documents that do not require extreme security.

Remote Shredding – Compared with off-site shredding, remote shredding offers greater security. Documents are picked up then transported to a remote location for destruction. In this process, documents are no longer sorted eliminating the chance for other people to get a view of the documents that need to be destroyed.

There are several ways to make sure that sensitive information will not leak and used for fraud. Document shredding is a very timely process and there are options that individuals can use depending on the sensitivity of the information that they have.