Preventive Security Measures for E-Waste.

When electronic devices such as Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, USB drives, Cameras, Magnetic tapes, CDs/DVDs are still in use. People and businesses store personal and confidential information such as accounts, contact phone numbers, debit and credit card numbers, etc. 

Once these devices become obsolete, damaged or reach the end of their useful life, they are often disposed of after deleting/formatting the data.  

In addition, most people are unaware or ignore the fact, that the data or information is still present in these devices, regardless of the software used for its erasing or deleting, and could somehow be recovered. This sensitive information is a goldmine for cybercriminals waiting for this opportunity. 

Preventive Security Measures for E-Waste.
Secure ewaste

On the other hand, the import and disposal process of e-waste from countries such as Australia is considered to pose a threat to national security. Because most of these disposal centres do not have any legal permission to exchange and dispose of e-waste, nor do they have appropriate sites for proper disposal.

One of the concerns is that some components of electronic devices are cloned and recovered with the data on them. This type of process makes it accessible to unauthorised persons working within this process.

In conclusion, it is important to dispose of e-waste properly, with secure and safe destruction. By way of preventing your sensitive material from falling into the wrong hands or being used to negatively affect you, or your business and customers, always use an accredited secure destruction company.

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