Why paper still matters

While digital documents have become an important part of both our home and work lives, it seems the ‘end of paper’ is a long way off. Many of our important and most sensitive documents still arrive by mail in printed form.

One important reason for the ongoing importance of paper documents is usability. Many people simply find reading hard-copy material easier. A recent survey in the US found around 70% of respondents preferred to manage their finances with printed documents, while 65% preferred to receive both digital and hard-copy versions of important documents, like bank statements. Even when we opt to receive digital documents, many of us print them out for easier reading or for storage.

Safely storing and securely disposing of all this printed material is vital, especially when you consider the kinds of documents we typically still receive via ‘snail mail’:

  • bank account statements
  • credit card statements
  • driver’s licence renewals, insurance policies
  • council rates
  • details of shareholdings
  • expired passports

To that list you can also add printed photos. After all, a person’s image is a vital part of their identity, and definitely on the identity-theft wish list.

In the age of identity theft, it’s not hard to see how much damage such material could cause if it fell into the wrong hands.

When printed documents are no longer needed, don’t take any chances with their disposal. Eshred can tailor a secure document-destruction solution to suit your needs. We can organise a scheduled service with lockable security bins collected daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Or we can provide you with a one-off delivery of two bins, that we’ll collect two weeks later. We even offer an economical drop-off option at our Kogarah facility.

To find out more about our services or to book a bin, phone 1300 629 875.