Recycle or shred? Are you doing the right thing?

Reducing our environmental impact should be a priority for every individual and business, and recycling our waste paper is an important step towards this goal. More recycling means less deforestation and less material ending up in landfill sites.

Your council recycling service might seem like an easy option when it comes to disposing of paper documents, but unfortunately it falls short in two key areas.

The first is security. Most of us throw any and all paper material in our yellow-lid bins. However, do you really want your bank account or credit card statements treated in the same way as your newspaper or a cardboard box? Without strict security measures private data could easily end up in the wrong hands, leaving you or your customers exposed to risks such as identity theft.

Then there’s the environment. We assume items placed in recycling bins will indeed be recycled. However recent news reports have highlighted serious problems in Australia’s recycling systems, with overseas processors rejecting Australian recyclables. Large quantities of this material are ending up in storage or, worse, in landfill, where paper decomposes to produce significant amounts of greenhouse gases.

The good news is that there is a hassle-free way to ensure your sensitive documents are recycled while keeping confidential data private, by using a professional document-destruction service like Eshred. From the moment you contact us to the time your documents are destroyed, your security is our top priority. Our personnel and facilities are all security checked to give you complete peace of mind.

Our document-shredding process is also great for the environment, with all paper documents reduced to tiny fragments before being transferred to a recycling facility for final, complete destruction and transformation into recycled paper products.

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Why paper still matters

While digital documents have become an important part of both our home and work lives, it seems the ‘end of paper’ is a long way off. Many of our important and most sensitive documents still arrive by mail in printed form.

One important reason for the ongoing importance of paper documents is usability. Many people simply find reading hard-copy material easier. A recent survey in the US found around 70% of respondents preferred to manage their finances with printed documents, while 65% preferred to receive both digital and hard-copy versions of important documents, like bank statements. Even when we opt to receive digital documents, many of us print them out for easier reading or for storage.

Safely storing and securely disposing of all this printed material is vital, especially when you consider the kinds of documents we typically still receive via ‘snail mail’:

  • bank account statements
  • credit card statements
  • driver’s licence renewals, insurance policies
  • council rates
  • details of shareholdings
  • expired passports

To that list you can also add printed photos. After all, a person’s image is a vital part of their identity, and definitely on the identity-theft wish list.

In the age of identity theft, it’s not hard to see how much damage such material could cause if it fell into the wrong hands.

When printed documents are no longer needed, don’t take any chances with their disposal. Eshred can tailor a secure document-destruction solution to suit your needs. We can organise a scheduled service with lockable security bins collected daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Or we can provide you with a one-off delivery of two bins, that we’ll collect two weeks later. We even offer an economical drop-off option at our Kogarah facility.

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Protect privacy, protect your business

Every day there seems to be a new story about businesses or other organisations getting caught out mistreating sensitive private information. While the damage to a business’ good name can be severe, there are also potential serious legal consequences for failing to handle private data responsibly.

Lawmakers around the world are paying increasing attention to the handling of private information. In Australia the Australian Privacy Act (APA) Act imposes fines as high as $420,000 for breaches of its regulations. While the APA exempts most businesses with turnovers below $3 million, Australian businesses can also be subject to even broader overseas laws. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes no exception for size, affecting any entity collecting data from EU residents or even accepting payments in euros. Penalties under the GDPR can exceed 20 million euros.

Under these laws an organisation’s responsibilities extend from collection of data to its final disposal. When documents containing sensitive information are no longer required you need to make sure all private details are completely erased.

Eshred provides an affordable document destruction service you can trust. Our security is second to none, with all staff involved in document handling cleared to a minimum of a National Police Records Check. All our facilities have been thoroughly investigated and approved to an accredited security level. Lockable Security Bins are dropped off and picked up by secure transport.

Our comprehensive cross-cutting procedure reduces all paper documents to tiny fragments, after which they are transferred to a recycling facility for final, total destruction. All data is erased, protecting your business and your customers, and offering you peace of mind that no sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands.

To book a bin and a document destruction service, phone Eshred on 1300 629 875.

Declutter and get control of your workspace

Whether it’s a business workspace or a home office, clutter can quickly take over, reducing efficiency and profitability. To make matters worse unfiled documents create a security hazard, leaving you exposed to risks like identity theft and corporate espionage.

Make your workspace cleaner and more secure with these decluttering tips.

Stay or go

Look at every document. Is it essential? If not, get rid of it. Some documents, like tax records, need to be kept for a set period of time. Once that’s over, they’re gone!

Get it on the cloud

Many documents might be ‘keepers’, but don’t need to be in hard-copy form. Scan and upload them to a cloud service like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. 

File it

You’ll need an efficient way to file hard-copy documents. For tips on creating a logical filing system, check out this site:

Keep up the good work

Regular decluttering will stop bad habits creeping back in and help you maintain a tidy, efficient and secure workspace. Schedule a daily tidy-up of your desk, and a monthly cleanout of draws and other storage areas.

Be safe: securely destroy unwanted documents

To eliminate the possibility of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands, ensure complete destruction of unwanted documents by using an experienced and professional document-shredding service.

EShred provides an easy, flexible and secure document-destruction solution for both business and home. Our secure document bins (minimum two per order) are delivered by Australia Post. Filled bins are then picked up by secure transport and taken to an approved site where all documents are comprehensively cross-shredded into tiny fragments before being transferred to a recycling facility for final, total destruction. At the end of the process you receive a Certificate of Destruction, your guarantee that all data has been completely destroyed.

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Recycling: the green finish line of secure document shredding

Every year Australians get through about 230 kg of paper products per capita, making our nation one of the world leaders in paper consumption.

The production of all this paper has major environmental impacts. The most obvious is the felling of trees, but the effects go far beyond deforestation. For example, huge amounts of water are used in paper manufacturing. Then there’s the smorgasbord of environmentally hazardous chemicals released into our air and water, including ammonia, mercury, benzene and carbon monoxide.

There’s also the energy needed for every step of the process, from logging to production and distribution, and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions from all this energy use.

Plus there’s a hidden environmental impact that can linger for years. Paper that ends up in landfill slowly decomposes, releasing large quantities of methane — a greenhouse gas 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide!

Dreams such as the ‘paperless office’ are still a long way off. Recycling paper causes 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution than producing new paper. Greenhouse gas emissions are far lower, and landfill reduced.

Using a document shredding service makes recycling your paper documents safe and easy. You are not only ensuring documents are completely and securely destroyed, keeping yourself and your customers safe from identity theft, industrial espionage, corporate fraud and other threats. You’ll also be taking a big step towards reducing the environmental footprint of your business.

All recyclable documents we process are reduced to tiny fragments through comprehensive cross-cut shredding, ensuring total destruction of sensitive data. We provide a security guarantee along with a certificate of destruction.

Finally, the destroyed documents are transferred to a paper recycling facility, where they will be recycled into new paper products.

Contact EShred today on 1300 629 875 to find out how easy to use, secure, cost-effective AND environmentally responsible our services are.

Paper sitting by the printer

Although we have moved to paperless options for many things in today’s world, paper records are not completely phased out. As a result, documents are still being stolen out of office waste paper bins, staff members’ bags and even direct from printers. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that stolen paper records still account for up to 31% of security breaches. With statistics like this, ensuring your confidential business records are kept secure, is of extremely high importance.

To keep confidential information of your clients and business safe there are steps to take within your workplace to dispose of paper documents confidentially.
Order a security bin supply and pick up service. Place the lockable bins throughout your work space and ensure everyone knows what to put inside.
Make a list of which documents are to be disposed of confidentially and display around the workplace, including near the security bins.
Train staff on which documents are to be kept confidential and how to dispose of them correctly and securely using the security disposal bins. Also enforce the importance of not leaving paperwork lying around on desks, photocopiers or in or near printers.
Keep your paperwork from becoming a paper trail for criminals with EShred. We will provide secure paper shredding and document destruction for your business including a security bin supply and pick up service.


Many people may think that document shredding services are no longer essential especially at this point in time when paper shredders can already be accessed easily. However, the need for document shredding service is undeniably essential because of the invaluable role that it plays.

  • It is an effective solution to handle increasing quantity of outdated files especially for a business that is in expansion.
  • Secure document disposal leaves no trace of the records destroyed making sure that even the minutest detail of client or business will no longer be available.
  • Get more space for other equipment in your workplace or for employees to move around freely instead of acquiring shredding machines that only get in the way.
  • Allow employees to focus on more productive tasks and contribute on business growth than deal with document handling tasks. This will also eliminate the risk for confidential information to leak among your employees.
  • Take advantage of the guarantee provided by professionals who offer document shredding services. Failure to destroy documents completely will be the legal responsibility of those who are supposed to take charge of confidential document handling.

There may be other options to effectively deal with document handling requirements but for sure, document shredding service offered by professionals is the most suitable choice that will allow you to take advantage of the benefits that matter most for your business.

Humans can’t be replaced, but some of their bad habits should be

In his book, Humans are Underrated, Geoff Colvin argues that while technology is profoundly reordering the value of human skills and many people will continue to lose their jobs to technology, the economy will reward people with skills of human interaction – skills like empathy, collaborating, storytelling, leading, creating and innovating with others. In business, there remains a role for humans that machines just cannot replicate.

Given that you can’t (and shouldn’t) remove people from your business, it’s important therefore to provide adequate training on document security to help create a culture of security, and implement processes that make it easier for people to always act with security in mind when it comes to document storage, transportation and disposal. Insiders are often the cause of data security breaches, but this is frequently inadvertent and offers no personal gain to the individuals concerned – it’s just an error. By having the right systems and training in place, you can reduce the likelihood of these mistakes happening.

But when 95% of all security incidents involve human error (according to IBM’s  Cyber Security Intelligence Index), it’s clear that when it comes to document security reducing human involvement is a good strategy. Giving equal priority to people, processes and technology is the best way to increase information and document security.

Having secure bins for document disposal to make it easy for your team members is one step that you can take. One study found that 21% of data breaches involved paper records. A high volume of paper can leave your business susceptible to either theft, damage or destruction. Inadequately disposing of paperwork can expose your business and your clients to further security breaches. By making it easier for people to do the right thing, you can help to reduce the risks of human error.

Contact us to put the technology and processes in place to make it easier for your people to keep and dispose of documents securely.


Every business generates some amount of paperwork which needs to be disposed of. Most small businesses, start-ups simply throw away all unimportant papers in the dustbin while confidential papers are put in the shredder (if they have one). However destroying important papers in the office has several disadvantages compared to hiring professional document shredding services. If you have not availed this service before, it’s time to know and check out its benefits.

Problems of buying and using a paper shredder

Shredding documents regularly in the office is not a very easy task because of several reasons. A document shredder takes a lot of time to operate and it also requires a lot of space. Spending half an hour to shred documents regularly may not seem like a big deal but you will be surprised if you add up the monthly or annual figures of how much time is actually consumed in a non productive activity like shredding.

Installing a shredder in the office is a difficult affair because it requires it requires a lot of time and resources. You will have to call in an expert installer who will install the shredding machine. For the amount of time consumed in the installation, an entire room will be blocked. If you are working in an office, you already know how inconvenient this can be.

The most important question is “who is going to shred those documents everyday” If you treat document shredding as a normal business operation, you will have to delegate this responsibility to a specific employee. As a result, you will be placing all your confidential information and business secrets contained in those papers in the hands of the staff member delegated for shredding documents. If you rotate this responsibility amongst various employees, you will face even greater risks of loss of confidentiality.

Secure Document Shredding Service


Here at EShred we are proud of the many benefits that using our secure document shredding service can bring to your business.  Using our service you will also be improving your environmental sustainability credentials, and helping to prevent the spread of identity crime in the community.


At only $63 pre-paid per bin our secure document shredding service is extremely affordable.  You need to order a minimum of 2 bins for 2 weeks to get this terrific price, but you won’t find any cheaper than that!


You can choose a secured document shredding service to suit you.  We have monthly, fortnightly and weekly scheduled services, or you can book a one-off service for a minimum of 2 bins for 2 weeks at our great price of $63 per bin.


The theft of valuable information is becoming a real problem in the community with the recent increase in identity crime. Regular shredding of your sensitive documents is a vital step to protect your sensitive business information. EShred handles document destruction promptly through our secure document shredding services and certified document destruction. We guarantee complete records destruction, and we deliver and pick up the secure bins ensuring no important documents get into the wrong hands.

Environmentally Friendly

Document shredding is good for the planet!  Eshred builds recycling into our paper document destruction services, diverting paper from landfill, keeping trees in the ground and decreasing the environmental damage caused by paper production.  It’s also good for your business to be able to promote your own environmental credentials.

With so many great reasons to use our secure document shredding service why wait? Book today!  Call 1300 629 875.